How to take care of your jewellery - Care & Handling of fashion jewellery

How to take care of your jewellery - Care & Handling of fashion jewellery

We know how much you love our jewellery so we have created a small guide as to how to take care of your jewellery so that it can last much longer.

Fashion jewellery losses shine and brightness (tarnishes) when exposed to sweat, moisture, oils and salts. Keep your jewellery safe and free of tarnish by keeping it as dry as possible, this problem is much reduced with stainless steel anti tarnished jewellery, you can check out our store for Anti Tarnished options.
15 points which should be taken care of with regular fashion jewellery :-

  1. Don't bath, wash dishes or do laundry with Your jewellery on, the idea is to basically keep it as dry as possible.
  2. Hair sprays, makeup, perfumes are a lot of chemicals for your fashion jewellery to handle make sure you put on your jewellery after you have done with your hair make up and perfumes.
  3. Store your fashion jewellery in the box provided to you by Jewellery Hat to avoid damage due to moisture in the air, or any favorite container of your choice, air tight are best.
  4. Don't wear jewellery in the pool or at the spa, again do not take it near to moisture / water.
  5. Put on lotion or perfume before you put on your jewellery.
  6. Dry your hands before trying or putting on any piece of fashion jewellery.
  7. Remove your jewellery before showering, swimming or exercising.
  8. Thoroughly wipe each piece of jewellery with a soft, clean cloth as soon as you remove it.
  9. The goal is to remove any moisture, sweat, oil, salt or acid contaminants and to dry the piece.
  10. For best practice make it a habit to - Wear it last, and take it off first.
  11. Put your jewellery on after you put on all clothing and remove it before taking off any clothing.
  12. An accidental pull on the chain can break your favorite necklace.
  13. When performing activities such as laundry, cooking, or gardening, remove your fashion jewellery to prevent physical damage or exposure to cleaning chemicals or cleaning fluids.
  14. You can also store your jewelry in a silk or velvet pouch and put each pouch in a decorative shoe box.
  15. Avoid Air! The air around us is what makes metal tarnish.
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